How to Gain More Energy to Start Personal Training

Personal training can be tiring on your body's energy systems. So we have included the top ways here to gain more energy to for your busy lifestyle.

Whether or not you are a lively individual, or always suffering from fatigue depends on many things, including your sleeping habits, your exercise routine (if any) and what you eat.


Eat lean proteins

 It is very important to eat lean meat, like: turkey, chicken, fish and dairy products low in fat. They provide lots of proteins, which boost energy in our bodies. A high protein intake will make your energy last long enough to recharge you in between meals.

 Protein is also a crucial to many other aspects of your well being, including eye health nutrition, muscle building, physical rebuild and more.


Eat cereals, corn, brown rice, bananas, and beans

 They contain a lot of fiber, and need more time to digest, which will provide you with more energy than with other sources of carbohydrates.


Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables and fruits

 Fruits and vegetables contain many vital nutrient dense vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a busy lifestyle. They also don't contain many calories making them the ideal ingredient for fat loss & energy gain! Why not try the Parkfit 6 week challenge which shows you how to eat healthy, how to optimise your energy levels and how to lifestyle eat to lose weight safely. lose weight healthy eating

 If you're trying to lose weight, fill up at least half your plate with non-starchy vegetables (avoid corn,peas,potatoes) and drink a glass of water before every meal. 

 Provide some iron for your body

 Lack of iron is very common. It also fluctuates, and is very difficult to faithfully measure the changes in the body during one day. Lack of iron is the cause of fatigue. When you feel tired for longer periods, it would be recommended to check levels of iron in your blood. Iron can be found in red meat, salmon, tuna, chicken and turkey meat.

 It is also important to have enough vitamin C, because it accelerates the absorption of iron. This is also the case with broccoli, tomatoes, and berries.

 Reduce your intake of caffeine

 It would be best if you kicked caffeine. But, if you do not want to, keep it to one cup a day. Caffeine can make you weak and nervous. Drink plenty of water! 


Train regularly with a personal trainer if you are not motivated

 Regular training will a qualified personal trainer will make you more energetic and motivated. Exercise especially done outside produces hormone known as endorphins, which is responsible for your well-being. Book your personal trainer now.

 At the start, especially if you don’t exercise much, it may feel like the most difficult thing in the world to get into a routine. But that’s perfectly normal; you just need to get past the initial hump, then regular training will come more naturally.

 Likewise, if you always have tired eyes and feeling like you need to rest throughout the day, you’d be surprised about how to improve vision naturally … yes, eye exercises help to give you more energetic eyes too!


Good night’s sleep

This is the most natural and easiest way for your body to rest and recover from all daily effort. Optimally, it takes 7-8 to for your body to altogether recover, but it can vary from person to person.


Do something new

 Daily routine can wear you out and you feel like you have no energy. Avoid getting bored by trying out something completely new.


Reduce sitting

 When you sit down all day behind your desk nothing new will happen to you, and you will get bored. So, get up, at least once every hour, whether you are going to get a glass of water, or just to look out the window.


Try aromatherapy

 Do not be lazy or skeptical about this type of therapy. Smells like lemon, ginger, or mint can help you feel more energetic and cheerful. Light the scented candle or spray the room with deodorant, and you will see that you will enjoy their effect.


Try to reduce stress

 One of the largest killers of energy is stress. Counter act it in all possible ways. Listen to your favorite music, read a book, go for some walk. Doing things you love will help you reduce the stress.

 Do at least one of them each day.

 With all these different ways to energize yourself, the most important thing is to get started, and stay consistent. Before you know it, you’ll have an abundance of energy...quadruple the energy!

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