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Perth Boot Camp 

Our Parkfit boot camp training sessions in Perth are a fun and cost effective way to achieve your new toned body. Winter training makes summer bodies – train outdoors under shelter or in the shade taking advantage of the wonderful surroundings Perth has to offer. Enjoy the fitness, fresh air and fun of an outdoor Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost. We offer small intimate group personal training (6 or less people) which allows you to enjoy the benefits of an individualised training program and the motivation of training in a group dynamic! We are unfortunately not currently running a Perth Bootcamp.

Currently, we only offer private groups that have been already formed by clients. If you would like to start your own group please reach out.

We deliver to you a power house workout with qualified personal trainer and the latest fitness resistance equipment.Currently only available at Langley Park, Perth city location. 

Don't worry, we are NOT the military style boot camp. We will motivate you but promise to never yell in your face at close range. Most people find the atmosphere warm, FRIENDLY and comfortable whilst you take in Perth's fresh air, sunshine and get Parkfit.

We know that you will enjoy your training the most when you have access to different pieces of fitness equipment at each session. Studies have revealed that when you vary your training, you will most likely stick to a regular training routine because you are more psychologically interested and vested.

Moreover on each separate week you train, you will benefit from uniquely crafted training session programs prepared by our qualified personal trainer who will also be there to demonstrate the use of the Parkfit boot camp Perth equipment whilst lifting your spirits.

Another good thing about our Parkfit boot camp Perth is that the trainer will often incorporate into the session what is known as "compound" exercises. These types of compound exercises activate many muscle groups at once which act to save you time and metabolically burns more calories than traditional one-muscle exercises.

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(Gets some friends and family together and form your own boot camp) Group Sessions are held on weekends and some weekdays in Perth CBD.


"Parkfit boot camps Perth have helped me get into peak physical condition so that I can complete fun events like Run a Muck and the ROC Race." Blake Hughes (Parkfit Fitness Ambassador & Official Model)

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