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Parkfit Personal Training Perth

Get out of the gym & get outdoors!                              

A lot of people lead stressed lives. We live in cities, spending time indoors and we are increasingly becoming disconnected to the outside world and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You can go to an indoor gym anywhere in the world, but it’s rare to be able to experience the privilege of personal training outdoors in the wonderful surroundings that Perth has offer. Parkfit is all about getting out into the fresh air, and beautiful parks to have fun with fitness.

Don’t get bogged down with thinking that fitness is a regimented kind of thing being stuck inside a stuffy gym. We want people to get outdoors, unplug & enjoy fitness because it needs to be a part of their everyday life – we bring you Parkfit Outdoor Personal Training & Fitness!

We want to show people that health & fitness doesn’t have to be difficult and that they don’t have to feel disconnected to their natural surroundings whilst exercising. There are simple things that they can take back into their everyday life and get fit, eat well, gain more energy, and become more empowered within.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your health and fitness, or just get fit for the summer but hate being stuck inside a stuffy gym with a contract with equipment you’re not sure how to use, then Parkfit Outdoor Personal Training is perfect for you! We are voted top outdoor personal training small business by Urban List.          


Studies have shown that exercising outdoors can improve everything from blood pressure to mental health to cancer risk

Nature is essential for human health per psychologists and health researchers

If your mind has trouble focusing,you can’t finish thoughts, you sleep restlessly, you can't make decisions and not keen to get out of bed then you need to
spend time exercising outdoors in a natural environment

Studies reveal that for depressed individuals, exercising outdoors greatly reduced depression, stress and anxiety

You breathe in fresh oxygen and not recycled air conditioning stale air

Something about being outdoors changes the stress hormone, cortisol and heart rate in people

Enjoy exercising amongst calming green expanses of lawn, blue skies and sun shine instead of a stuffy gym

Exercising outdoors reduces inflammation, high inflammation in the body is associated in varying degrees of disease including autoimmune disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, depression, and cancer

Studies found natural beauty can bring feelings of awe which is one of the best ways to experience a mental boost, reducing mental fatigue and mind fogginess

For major depressive disorders,every green environment improved both self-esteem and mood in studies. It is a proven major helper for mentally ill

The cellular activity with the outdoor's possible anti-cancer effects is also indicative of a general boost to the immune system you rely on to fight off less serious bugs like colds, flus, and other infections.

The Dutch have found a strong positive connection between exercise, green space, health and living longer with a better quality of life

Personal Training that IS NEARBY YOU!

With Parkfit outdoor mobile personal training, we bring the equipment and a personal trainer to your home or selected parks and show you how to use it. If you are used to skipping PT sessions because you are lacking motivation or just can’t be bothered making that trip to your gym, Parkfit is the ideal solution for you and WE will make the trip to motivate and challenge YOU towards achieving your goals. (we have selected north, south, inner-city locations to choose from or we can come to your house which is the preferable option) 

Parkfit Outdoor Mobile gyms offers a range of strength, toning or weight loss training to suit all your fitness and lifestyle needs. Our fully equipped fitness trainer is near you only 10-15 minutes away from most metro suburbs. Start your own personal training group now or contact us to see if there is extra space on our training timetable for Perth.

You see as humans, we simply are not built to sit at a desk for eight plus hours per day five days per week.

Human bodies are in fact built to move frequently.

At Parkfit we like to incorporate some secret training pattern moves into your session to help the body move the way it should naturally.

 These secret moves every workout needs is actually known as “functional training”.

 Functional training is where you do exercises during your workout that are relevant to the movements you would do in everyday life.

The 7 primal movement patterns a human does are: push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation and gait.

However, if you spend all day at a desk and then try to jump straight into high-intensity resistance exercises, there’s a higher risk of injury if your body isn’t functionally strong first.

In real life our bodies do operate on multi-directional movement patterns, so by doing exercises, such as with weights that go across the body and other relevant functional exercises are incredibly beneficial with our primal movement patterns. 

Remember functional training includes multidirectional movements, putting an emphasis on our core muscles as well as various stabilising muscles to promote the flexibility and agility to move freely in daily life on all directional planes.

Parkfit likes recruiting compound movements too that involve multiple joints in the body and multiple large and small muscle groups as a step up after functional training to challenge the human body in its natural environment to make you become Parkfit.

If you'd like a personal training session for yourself or with a friend - Book Here Now and guarantee yourself a spot.