88% of our class attendance is by existing members who simply love our classes and keep on coming back. See their transformation stories. We've also been voted number one outdoor personal training and fitness business in Perth by the Urban List!

Hey Doug, Dara here. I did very well on the physical Airforce test. I got 10.1 on the beep test. Thanks so much for your help these past few months at training, I couldn't have done it without you. I look forward to my new career in the Royal Australian Defence Force. Dara Barden, Victoria Park

personal trainers perth

Hey Doug, thought of you so many times as I do believe being fitter and healthier definitely helped me with my successful IVF and pregnancy !!!! Yes, we are blessed with another beautiful baby girl. She was born on the 6th of May weighing a big 9lb 3! She is a placid little lady and we named her Síomha which means great peace and is pronounced She-va. Hope you and you family are doing well and parkfit is a great success . Aoibheann is full of beans and really excited. It's great being back home and on that note I better get up and get sorted as I am having my family coming for their Xmas visit today. 11 for dinner! Anyway thank you again for your help and best wishes for the year ahead!       Lots of Love, Brenda Hannon 

"Hey, next month I have been attending Parkfit personal training regularly for a while now. Just wanted to share with you my progress......The first photo is just over a year ago a week before I came to Perth and the second is taken 2 weeks ago. Total weight loss of 10kg!.... but I feel I must have lost a lot of centimetres. I almost look like a different person!... Anyways had to share this with you all since I'm super super happy with myself!"      Nicky Cunningham, Scarborough 

"We love our Parkfit buddy "couples" session each week. Doug brings the van to our local park and designs a different metabolic circuit session weekly. So far myself and partner have lost around 19 kilos each through regular Parkfit training, calorie controlled nutrition and minimal tears! "     Kaya Clifford, Melville


"I am writing this today to assure you that Doug at Parkfit is an excellent personal trainer and one of the best instructors out there. As a recent client of Doug I was very impressed with his knowledge, communication and willingness to achieve. He assisted me with getting into great shape to prepare for the Royal Australian Airforce physical tests. Doug showed me that he knew the science of fitness training extremely well which gave me confidence in achieving my goals. I believe that these traits would be of great asset to any client and highly recommend him without any reservation." Yours sincerely, Jasmine Firth, Perth

"Doug is a great trainer who motivates you without being overly pushy. Each personal training workout is carefully designed for your personal fitness level and goals and with different workouts each time, it stays interesting and challenging. Training outdoors in the beautiful park surrounds is a really energizing way to start the day and I definitely look forward to my sessions each week! Parkfit has brought me so much closer to my weight loss goal than I ever could by myself"  Hannah Jenkins, Mount Lawley     

personal trainer perth reviews    

Chantel has lost 15kg! "I look forward to my Parkfit PT sessions every week. My posture has been corrected. I am fitter and stronger than I ever have been in my life! My back and knees no longer hurt when I exercise PLUS I have lost 15kg already, feel AMAZING everyday with loads more energy!!" Chantel Fyfe, Perth WA

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"I came to Doug at Parkfit to help me prepare for the Royal Australian Air Force military physical tests. When I first saw Doug I was lacking the strength to do a regular push up and lacked endurance for the other physical tests too. But in only a short matter of time, Doug has trained my body to cope with the level of physical fitness necessary for the elite stature required by the Royal Australian Air Force. Doug has given me the confidence to progress onwards and upwards in my air force career!" Ruth Paterson, The Royal Australian Air Force

"I would like to say that out of all the gyms and programs I have tried and people I have dealt with - you and yours have been the absolute best. I look forward to training with you again in the near future and yours would be the first number I recommend to anyone. I genuinely appreciate it as until training with you for the Fire Fighting test it seemed nearly impossible to reach any of the goals I had set for myself to pass the DFES physical tests. ["DFES" Department of Fire & Emergency Services] Shane Crick, Victoria Park, Perth

"This is to confirm that I have known Doug for 6 months.I have used him as a personal trainer to help assist me gain the fitness for the Australian Army physical tests. At all times I have found Doug to be dependable, hard working, honest, courteous and excellent at what he does. I would highly recommend Doug to my family and friends!"    Erica Greenough, Willetton, Perth

"I have recently taken up exercising with Parkfit and I must admit its the best thing I have done for myself in ages. I have for a long time wanted to get fit, get more energy and in general nurture myself a little but the thought of going to a gym put me off. For months I had passed a Parkfit training session after dropping off my daughter and always thought it looked fun and a refreshing way to exercise. It didn't take much encouragement from another mum to join the group and after speaking to Doug - our trainer, I knew I had found a way to exercise that would suit me. The group is non-intimidating, each session has varied exercises and a lovely encouraging and supportive atmosphere. I love exercising in the fresh air and already feel the reward of better wellbeing - both physically and mentally. A huge thanks to our trainer Doug and the other 'Parkfitters' ;) " 

Susanne Berthel [24/01/2014]

"I have been training with Parkfit for nearly two years now and love the results. I have never felt fitter or healthier. Each workout is challenging, unique and most importantly, fun! Doug is easy going, encouraging and supportive. Anyone wanting to improve their physical health can benefit from Doug's experience and knowledge in this area."

Henriette Francesconi [17/06/2014]

"I have trained with Parkfit for a few months now and already have had great results. It’s not just the friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere but Doug uses lots of interesting equipment to vary every session. I just LOVE the fresh air and sunshine training outdoors and look forward to my sessions each week with Doug"

Carol Leung [23/03/2017]

"I have been training with Parkfit for a little over two years now and it has been the best thing I’ve done. I use to be a regular member of a gym but was finding it very repetitive and I was becoming less and less motivated to train but more importantly, I wasn’t enjoying my training. I joined the group training with Parkfit initially and found it a nice change being outdoors and having varied exercises each session. I also do one-on-one training with Parkfit which is fantastic. It pushes you to get the most out of every session. I enjoy the variety of the training and the way they are able to specialise each exercise or session to suit the individual person. I am a very satisfied customer and am glad to have Parkfit as my personal trainer."

Kate [03/02/2013]

"I have really enjoyed training with Parkfit - one on one and as part of a group – it's very motivating and great at challenging me. I have definitely seen an improvement in fitness and muscle tone and it has been lots of fun as well."

Kathryn [02/02/2013]

"I have been training with Parkfit for a few years now & I love it! I did have a gym membership but I just wasn't enjoying it & I was losing motivation. So I got in contact & I haven't looked back.

I don't think I could go back to a gym now after enjoying training so much outdoors (even in winter & boxing in the rain)

I work in an office all day & I look forward to getting outside & working up a sweat & enjoying the fresh air!

They are great with coming up with new ways to "punish" us at group training, it keeps it interesting & fun. They bring new equipment to the sessions that I've not used before, & so everyone has a different spin on it!

I would highly recommend Parkfit to anyone, which I have, I've referred my sister in-law & she now trains with Parkfit too & loves it.”

Rita Collings [05/02/13]

"I have been attending group and individual training sessions with Parkfit for over 2 years. I really value that each session is tailored towards my personal fitness and weight loss goals. Parkfit provides information on diet and nutrition and encourages healthy eating and exercise routines in a way that ensures I feel supported. I have always been active but since joining Parkfit, I have improved my cardiovascular fitness and have competed in 2 City to Surfs in addition to a number of fun runs and a triathlon. These are things I never believed I would be able to do."

Jessica Holding [03/2/2013]

"I have been training with Parkfit for over 3 years now. Our sessions last up to one hour and involve boxing, weights, cardio, fitness and strength.

Parkfit has a fantastic, committed and positive approach to training. The programs are varied which keeps u interested.

I would recommend Parkfit without hesitation to anyone ready for change and improvements in their life."

Sarah Scott [03/02/13]

"Training with Parkfit is a lot of fun. I have trained with them for almost a year now and it's helped me to lose 10kg! At group training sessions we always have a great time and even though the one-on-one can be tough I always feel great afterwards!"

Gemma [06/02/2013]

"Training in the mornings has been such a great start to my day. Parkfit makes sure that the group programs are tailored to satisfy everyone's goals and the encouragement and fun nature make the sessions enjoyable. I started training with Parkfit 6 months ago and I have already achieved my short-term fitness goals."

Melanie [07/02/13]

"Very dynamic and motivating sessions, which are well thought-out and tailored to suit your fitness objectives. The variety keeps you motivated and with a good mix of cardio and toning exercises, it provides a great full body workout"

Leia [02/02/2011]

"I never thought that at nearly 50, and having given up on exercising, that I could be re-motivated. Parkfit gym's sessions are fun, challenging, always varied and tailored to my level of fitness. Parkfit is encouraging, supportive and keeps me focussed, even on those difficult days. I am now well on my way to reaching my goals and I could almost say exercise is fun! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Parkfit gyms to anyone."

Lyn [12/02/2011]

"I really enjoy the outdoors and love the motivation a group training session provides, which is why I finally committed to a consistent fitness regime! Parkfit gives me the motivation and professional advice required to improve my fitness levels and increases my desire to be fit and healthy. I have seen results in my fitness and strength and love the way the sessions make me feel."

Carmen [16/02/11]

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