10 Reasons To Choose Parkfit 

1) Get Outdoors                                        

We as busy people are increasingly becoming disconnected with nature and how to lead healthy lifestyles. We live in cities, we live in apartments, work inside buildings spending countless time indoors. ParkFit encourages you to unplug from technology, get fit and breathe in some fresh air and more importantly reconnect with nature. As soon as they attend a ParkFit session in the fresh air, people understand that this is really where they need to be as humans – not stuck indoors for hours on end.

2) Personal Experience

People get blown away by the serenity and the peace of some the locations we use. After we do the circuit, we walk through the park, along the ocean or lake and we talk to people about well being, we talk to people about the importance of fitness, nutrition and how to reconnect to nature. We take the time to explain “why” you are doing a recommended exercise as well as instructing you on how to do it. This educational component in health and well-being is currently not offered by other fitness training companies. However at ParkFit, we encourage education within our sessions because studies have revealed when you fully know the “why”, this will increase your motivation to exercise regularly and keep your nutrition on track. We offer an unparalleled real 360 degree holistic approach to your health and well being!

3) Improve Your Mood

People FEEL the energy of the ParkFit locations we use as soon as they arrive. When they’re outside they FEEL different somehow....all their stress disappears AND whatever they’re worrying about disappears. This is the flow on effect from the ParkFit experience, becoming more reconnected to nature. It only takes 15 minutes of ParkFit exercise to change your mood which assists you to keep a healthy body and healthy mind

4) Get Motivated

Exercising outdoors has been linked to an increase in overall satisfaction and a decrease in perceived exertion (meaning, you will want to ramp up your intensity) and actually start to enjoy exercising!

5) Efficiency

At ParkFit, the equipment is already setup by the time you arrive, there’s no adjusting machines or weights or wondering aimlessly across the gym floor guessing which machine to use next. All you have to do is turn up, listen and move through the circuit at your own pace!

6) Friendly Staff

Our sessions are totally non-intimidating and suitable for all fitness levels. Our friendly instructors will be there to lend a hand, correct your technique (which I don’t see a lot of other trainers do often) and nurture your spirits.

7) Expertise

We strive to hire trainers with expert knowledge, friendly personalities, and a genuine concern for your success. We leave our ego at home and encourage our clients to do the same. From our expert staff we require highly personalized coaching, educating and motivating to ensure your success with our services; rather than the impersonal, unenthusiastic, and frankly, unprofessional “rep counting” that is prevalent in many other training facilities.

8) Challenge Yourself

You will be challenged and not get bored with routine. Programs evolve as your training develops. Each session, you trainer will customise a different new fun workout with the ParkFit fitness equipment for you based on your fitness goals. This effectively leads to quicker muscle gain or toning as your muscles do not have much time to adapt to one routine.

9) Flexibility

ParkFit offers total body split circuit conditioning which is suitable for people who do not have a lot of time to exercise. We work one muscle group whilst resting other muscle groups allowing us to fit more into each session, allowing you to ramp up your intensity and train harder, hitting all major muscle groups in a shorter amount of time in a safer, more efficient manner.

10) Honest Advice

If you’re tired of being given confusing and conflicting advice on exercise and nutrition and you want simple, but detailed answers to all your questions, then ParkFit is for you. If you want a trainer with integrity (someone who doesn’t have a financial interest in the latest "miracle" supplement or stomach-reducing gadget) would share honest and unbiased information about fat loss - then ParkFit is for you.

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